Notices and Annual Reports

Notices and General Reports

The Australian Film Institute (AFI) is holding an election for the appointment of one director to its Board. One position will be available for member election when the appointment of current director, Tony Petani, expires at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 23rd May 2017, which will be held at 5pm at the offices of AFI | AACTA located at 236 Dorcas St, South Melbourne, Victoria.

We invite all active AFI and AACTA members to vote in this election by selecting an applicant or assigning your vote to the chairman, and then submitting your vote as per the instructions on the ballot paper below.

Members who cannot attend this meeting but would like to appoint a proxy (should an item of business be voted upon at this AGM), can do so by completing the proxy form included in the Notice of AGM below.

We welcome any queries to be submitted prior to the AGM via email to, which will allow directors to provide informative responses.