AACTA Juries

AACTA Juries

Each year, juries of highly experienced screen professionals from a cross-section of crafts come together to determine the nominees and winners in various categories of Australia’s highest screen accolades, the AACTA Awards

For the 6th AACTA Awards presented by Foxtel, there were 15 juries:

Feature Film Pre-Selection; Short Fiction Film & Short Animation; Documentary Television Program; Feature Length Documentary; Documentary Craft; Television Drama; Television Comedy & Light Entertainment; Reality & Lifestyle Television; Children's Television; Hair & Makeup; Subscription Television Live Event Production; Subscription Television Presenters and New Talent; Television Drama Craft; Visual Effects and Animation, along with the Television Grand Jury; and the Television Craft Grand Jury.

Please note that applications have now closed for all juries for the 6th AACTA Awards presented by Foxtel.


“I so enjoyed being an AACTA juror. I was privileged to screen the top feature docs of the year and discuss them with an informed, opinionated group of peers.”

Eva Orner

Academy Award® for Best Documentary, Features, TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE

The Jury Process

As part of the jury process, jurors will be required to:

  • View all productions entered in the category which they are judging (approximately 10-30 hours of viewing, depending on the number of entries and the category). Jurors will have a minimum of four to five weeks to view the relevant productions online via the AACTA TV streaming portal.
  • Assess and shortlist productions for discussion at the jury meeting.
  • Participate in a jury meeting. All jury meetings will be run out of Melbourne, with a specified office for Sydney-based jurors to assemble in and dial in from. Jurors in other states will also participate via conference call. An independent scrutineer will attend all meetings.
  • Vote via a preferential ballot. Individual juror’s votes are not disclosed to the rest of the jury, and winners are not revealed by the scrutineer at any of the jury meetings.

Jurors’ names will be publicly released at the end of each year to ensure transparency and authenticity in the judging and voting process. However, the specific jury on which individual jurors participated will not be published.

Jurors must not have any vested interest in any of the entries which they will be assessing, and jurors must sign a statutory declaration attesting to this.


“I think it is an honour to be on the jury for the AACTA Awards. It's wonderful to see the great range of work that comes out of our country, and an insight into how Australian film and television evolves over the years. The debate between all the jurors can tend to be quite vigorous, which really comes out of the respect and understanding that each person has for the amount of time, and the sheer hard work it takes for most productions to come to fruition. It is definitely also an insight into the different perceptions that each juror has, depending on their background in the industry. It's an invigorating process and makes you want to be a part of bringing more Australian productions to life.”

Susan Prior

AACTA Award for Best Supporting Actress, THE ROVER

Technical Requirements

Jurors will need access to a computer and broadband internet during the judging period, and will need to ensure internet access is maintained until their judging has been completed.

The online viewing platform - AACTA TV - will operate on any type of computer (Windows, Mac, etc.), so long as it has access to the internet and at least one web browser installed (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.).

In order to stream video files in full-screen mode, your computer will need minimal graphic-processing capabilities – moderate capabilities may be required to stream HD videos in full-screen mode.

We recommend that you use a large monitor and good-quality speakers or headphones in order to experience the entries at their best. AACTA TV can also be streamed on your TV via Airplay & Chromecast, or on your IOS or Android devices.


“In some circles, talking passionately for hours about what you love on television is seen as a character flaw. So thank God for AACTA juries, where it is not only encouraged but mandatory.”

Todd Abbott

AACTA Award for Best Television Comedy or Light Entertainment Series, PLEASE LIKE ME



Viewing & Meeting

Short Fiction Film & Short Animation

May – June 2016

Feature Film Pre-Selection

June – July 2016

Feature Length Documentary

June – July 2016

Documentary Television

June – July 2016

Documentary Craft

July – August 2016

Children's Television

August – September 2016

Television Drama

August – September 2016

Television Drama Craft

August – September 2016

Television Comedy & Light Entertainment

August – September 2016

Reality & Lifestyle Television

August – September 2016

Hair & Makeup

August – September 2016

Subscription Television Live Event Production

August – September 2016

Subscription Television Presenters and New Talent

August – September 2016

Television Grand

September – October 2016

Television Craft Grand

September – October 2016

Visual Effects or Animation

September – October 2016


“It's a genuine thrill and honour to be part of the AACTA judging process. It's also a great way to see such impressive, thought provoking and entertaining work from industry colleagues. Then the rigorous discussions and big decisions begin!”

Tamara Popper

Independent Producer, Events Manager, Festival Director